Up In Smoke?
Submitted by Charles Scott

Here’s a “thought provoking” issue for you Toronto. I have been regularly attending Titan and Red Knight football games since moving back to Toronto, and can not believe the number of “fans” that smoke in the stands. I know -“DEATH TO ALL SMOKERS!” – it’s NOT like that at all. There should be a set aside place for those who want to smoke. Pro stadiums across the country are going “smoke free” (you can only smoke in the concorse). Why not on the high school, and ESPECIALLY the pop warner (Titan) levels?

These games are school and community functions. What’s next, “At the end of the first quarter it’s the Titans 6 – Blue Wave 0. Don’t forget to support the concession stands folks where you can get pizza, hot dogs, soda, candy and now BUDWEISER.” How many parents would like that? (For those of you jokingly shaking your heads yes the beer is $5 for a 10 oz. cup). I see parents, students, and patrons smoking in crowded areas that contain small children and infants.

The smoking doesn’t bother me personally, I just think these folks should be more considerate of the people around them, especially the children. How many of these “smokers” would want their kids surrounded by a bunch of adults drinking at recess or an assembly? Now before everyone gets in an uproar, I just ask you not to think about yourselves, but the kids. I’m sure you can go down along the outside fence at the end of the end zone or the open space between the stands and the locker rooms if you need to take a puff.

Thank You (and please don’t throw rocks)
Charles Scott

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