Wanted: Youth Center

Submitted by Deanna Foster
October 8, 2000


i am in the 8th grade and i attend karaffa middle school.i used to not like school that much, but now it’s the only thing i have to look foreward to.we the youth of toronto have nothing to do after school or during the weekends! the bowling alley was one of the places we hung out at, but now that’s closed! as i look around this town i see so many vacant buildings that have no use. i don’t see why the mayor and coucil can’t make a place for youths.they have the teendances and raise money, but where does the money go? one place it could go is into a fund for a youth facility. we contribute money at the dances so we should get something usefull back. this is just my opinion but i would like people to reply.

thank you for your time,
deanna foster

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