Water Meters

Submitted by Walter Fullerton
October 8, 2000

To anybody concerned about the disposal of the old water meters. Now that we are getting new water meters, what’s going to happen to our old ones. I know for a fact that each water meter contains about 3 to 5 pounds of brass or perhaps a little more. I sure hope these are not given to the Neptune Company to dispose of. If you would multiply that many pounds of brass times the number of homes in Toronto,you would come up with a sizable amount of brass. And if you would sell this brass to a smeltering plant , you would come up with quite a bit of money . This money could help out in paying for these new water meters. I asked the Neptune fellow who installed mine to let me have the old one. He said he would contact me after the Toronto Water Dept took the reading from the meter. To this day no person has ever called to say that I can pick mine up. I’m wondering why it takes that long to read those old meters. If the meters are given away then I would like to have mine. My proposal is to hire someone to dismantle the meters and get them ready for the smeltering plant or the junk yard. Sell them and put the money towards the cost of the new meters. If Neptune wants the meters then let them pay for them, after all we are paying for the new meters.

Concerned resident,
Walter Fullerton

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