What Cable?

Submitted by Linda Boilegh – 2/22/00

I agree with some of the other writers it seems that I started a fire storm when I complained against the cable company. Wonder if we can start a petition to have the channels changed. Channel 22 is just a station to take money from those who can least afford to give it up. It is a station that reminds me also of the begging ministers that used to be on the old 700 channel.
The reception is also poor and always has been. Why is it that we cannot get another cable company interested in our market. Maybe we need to follow the money trail, like they say in politics money talks. We are also checking into a satellite dish, but need the local stqtions for some things.

I cannot understand why the city council and the new mayor cannot do something about the blatent abuse by the local company, they are willing to take our money but do not want to listen to us. Hope that this problem can be resolved. Toronto needs to move into the 20th century not the 19th century. We need to be up to date. Just the thoughts of one Toronto citizen.

Linda Boilegh
Toronto, Ohio

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