What the …..

Submitted by SGT J.D. Knowles
January 6, 2002

I was reading the message boards, and it was mentioned “Osama Man of the Year”. What planet are these idiots from? For the love of God, Americans died in that horrible attack on September 11th, and in Afganastan, my fellow soldiers are risking life and limb to find this Bastard. I wonder if ANY of those people sitting behind their desks have ever had a uniform on, or been shot at. Believe me, its not fun, and I have on several occasions, “Made peace with my God”. I’ve been lucky in the 15 years that I’ve served, real lucky. So to those ‘bone-heads’ who want Osama as “Man of the Year”, Go *^&%$# yourself.

SGT J.D. Knowles
XVIII Abn. Corps.

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