World Series

By Bob Fingers

What a World Series. Not only did several ex Cub players, and others, who had played over a decade in near anonymity (yes, it’s spelled right) finally get a piece of the pie but fans were treated to several games with near miraculous endings. One of the biggest miracles to which the fans were treated was the advent of rain in a domed stadium in Phoenix, Az. Not enough to mar the proceedings but as if the heavens were crying in joy for these “old timers.” Would you have believed that there was no trace of rain forecast for Sunday night. Not so hard to believe when you haven’t seen any rain in about three months except on the news somewhere else. Both the Yankees and the Diamondbacks have to be commended for putting on one of the most entertaining World Series that I can remember. The flyover by the B-2 bomber was a great touch. The usual jet fighter flyover by aircraft from the nearby Luke Field was expected but the Air Force put this wrinkle in. The B-2 came from an air force base in Missouri. Talk about a “roundtripper”. It was completely unexpected by everyone. This victory will give us here in Arizona something to keep us warm during the upcoming cold winter months. Do you know it’s only 100 days before reporting for spring practice again.

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