Churchbells Redux
The Tintinnabulation That So Musically Wells


The following is the text of a message that I posted months ago on the message boards.


I’m not what you’d call a religious person. This fact has been established in previous posts. Therefore, I was reluctant to broach this subject, because I was concerned that it would be seen as religion bashing, but I swear that this is not my motivation. How another person expresses his religious belief is no concern of mine.

That said, what’s with the freakin’ contest to have the loudest, longest, and most resonant set of faux church bells in town? Every day, sometimes several times a day, a number of the town’s houses of worship offer up dueling carillon. In what universe is this kind of disregard for the sanctity of others permissible? I don’t care how religious you are, it’s rude. RUDE!!!

How would you clergymen like it if I were to broadcast the theme to Cosmos over a boom box the size of a small garage? What if the Satanists, (claiming their first amendment right to practice their religion) were to blast one hundred stereos simultaneously synchronized to play Marilyn Manson? Would that be okay with you? In a less sarcastic example, what if a large Muslim sect were to move into town. Would it be okay with you if they set up a mosque and chimes daily to call the faithful to prayer time? At some point, it’s too much. In my opinion, we’ve reached that point, and then some.

I’m not even saying cut it out altogether; just reign it in a little. Enough already. We get it. You’re Godly. Who cares?


That was the whole message. It’s just as true, in my opinion, today as it was when I first posted it. In fact, if anything, it’s even more true if truth can be codified. It has gotten to the point in this country, let alone this community, where no manner of speech other than speech which is supportive of the “National Religion” is acceptable. Churches have glommed onto this idea by insinuating patriotism into their messages thus making the idea of religious worship and patriotic fervor seemingly one-in-the-same. They are not the same.

At least one of the town’s churches has taken to playing the anthems of the various military branches along with their normal fare of dirges and hymns. Songs which they once held as appropriate only for specific days set aside in remembrance of war have become standards. Mine eyes have seen the glory, and mine ears are sick and tired of it.

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