Welcome Joe Humbleo
by The Webmaster


Welcome to “I’ve Got Something To Say,” the newest addition to TorontoInFocus.com. I met Joe Humbleo hanging out in our message boards and was most impressed by his depth as well as his writing style. I’m more than a little happy that he’s agreed to do an opinion column for us and I feel it will be a wonderful addition to TorontoInFocus.com. Please understand this an opinion column and I’ve given Joe the freedom to discuss whatever topics he chooses, however he chooses. Also know these are Joe’s opinions and although I appreciate and enjoy his writing, this does not necessarily mean I or the rest of the TIF staff agrees or disagrees with anything or everything Joe has to say in his column.

Please join us in welcoming Joe Humbleo to the TIF Staff. I’m sure you’ll find him informative, interesting and he’ll more than supply your brain with food for thought. If you’d like to email Joe with your thoughts or opinions, we’ll be adding his email address for you soon.

As always, thank you for visiting TorontoInFocus.com.


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