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    I just got off the phone with a friend who has this very ill neighbor,she lives with 2 grown sons both on ssi who do not know how to do anything.All live in another state so this is not a veiled reference to anyone.But honestly,why do people insist on going home from the hospital when they can't even walk and they know the people at home cannot care for them.So these "boys" are calling my friend constantly asking her to cook for them,run them to the store(both lost their license)and one even called complaining the other one was trying to make the sick mom give him her pain pills.WOW these guys are in their late 20's early 30's .So I guess the lesson here is teach your children how to cook,do laundry,clean a house,make a grocery list,basic things an adult would need to know .

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    The Only thing I can tell you is that someone needs to call Social service agency from the town they do live in.. if i am not mistaken,most places have some sort of agency to protect the elderly, or whatever. It is very aggitating that this behavior happens, but it does. And sadly, many many ppl chose to go back home, not so much because that what they want to do, but many insurances give them no other choice! I sure hope someone steps up to protect this friends neighbor! ;-(
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